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Earnest Media Group

Earnest Media Group wanted us to play around with the initials of the brand (EMG) as well as depict the all round services offered by them. Thus, we used circles (depicting the 360 degree aspect) to create a mnemonic which incorporated the intials E.M.G.
And viola!

Avati Systems

Avati Systems is a Computer Software company utilizing operating system internals to achieve best in industry speeds for High Frequency Trading platforms.

Keywords: Sharp, speed, perfection.

Ace Tech

A Pitch Project for brochure design for the biggest Architectural Exhibition in Asia.

Tides & Thrills

Brand Design for an upcoming Adventure Sports Club cum School, in Umbergaon, India

Narendra Kumar Ahmed

A picture centric website was designed for Narendra Kumar Ahmed, a well known Fashion Designer from India.
The site involves an endless scroll thus a fun experience on the Ipad.
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Meta Wellness

MetaWellness is a lifestyle medication program which needed an online presence. Modern UI / Flat graphics / bright color scheme / Photo centric homepage

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Tranzlease - Horse Powering Intel, is an automobile leasing company based in Mumbai, India. PsykedInc created a new, refined, elaborate identity for them.
For this direction, we are pulling from a tradition of corporate design that emphasizes warm tones over a powerful background and clean lines to convey a strong and modern aesthetic.

Gem Paints

Gem Paints asked Psykedinc to redesign their brand identity, keeping it identifiable with the existing identity, but more refined and graceful.
The project included designing: Primary Identity, Identity Signatures and sub signatures, Packaging.